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leafitPlease keep your lawn tidy and our streets and storm drains free of debris. Put leaves and other yard trimmings in your green toter for weekly pickup. And don't forget - you can also put fruit and vegetable scraps in your toter.

It's especially important not to blow or rake leaves into the street. Leaves can conceal substantial objects, such as rocks or hubcaps, resulting in dangerous driving conditions and can clog storm drains, creating flooding that can make cars stall or disrupt steering. Leaves in the street may also entice children to play in the streets, jeopardizing their safety. This is also a good time to make sure your landscaping service doesn't blow or rake your leaves into the street. It is the homeowners responsibility to coordinate that they either haul the yard waste away or use the homeowners green toter. Need an extra toter for leaf season? Recology Vacaville Solano can provide one for a small fee by calling 448-2945. Residents can also use 32-gallon garbage cans with handles and lids at no extra charge; however, they must be placed at the curb with the green toter.

Help us keep our Vacaville neighborhoods safe and free of tree debris. Put leaves in your green toter each week


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