Yardwaste collection is provided to customers that reside within the city limits of Vacaville. Customers that reside within Vacaville city limits receive one 96 gallon green yardwaste cart.

Yardwaste is used in a number of recycling processes, such as composting.  Green waste recycling produces rich compost which can be used by local residents and farmers, rather than going to waste in a landfill.

Please do not exceed weight limits. Our trucks can not lift more than 200 pounds. Place all carts at the curb on your collection day by 6:00 AM with the handles toward the curb, the lid completely closed and at least 5 feet of space between the carts.

Please contact Recology Vacaville Solano for more information.

Acceptable Items

Grass clippings
Kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps 
Tree and shrub prunings

Important Yardwaste Notes! 
  • Plastic bags must not be placed inside your green cart
  • Tree and shrub prunings must be cut small enough to fit inside the cart with the lid completely closed.
  • Extra tree and shrub prunings may be placed in 32 gallon cans with lids and handles or bundled no larger than 2'x3', using twine (no wire), then placed next to the green cart on your collection day.
  • Please do not place items on top of the cart
Unacceptable Yardwaste Material
Please do not place the following materials into your green container!

Construction Debris
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt, asphalt
Electronic / Universal Waste
  • Televisions, computers, cell phones, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury switches

    Un-recyclable items

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Paints, solvents, motor oil, cleaners, corrosives, used syringes
Organic Material
  • Animal feces or manure, painted or treated lumber, plywood or particle board
Recyclable Glass, Metal, Paper and Plastic
  • Recyclable glass, metal, paper and plastic


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