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While driving through town you may notice some eye catching storm drain markers on the fronts of curbs. These round green and blue curb markers are part of The City of Vacaville's storm drain awareness campaign. The markers feature the message "Drains to Waterways." This message serves to remind residents that everything that is swept or poured into a storm drain inlet will eventually end up in our local water supply. Water that enters a storm drain goes directly into our creeks with no treatment. Storms drains are different than sewers. They are not connected to a treatment plant. The affects of disposing of hazardous waste in a storm drain can be extremely harmful.


Did you know?

Used oil is the single largest source (over 40%) of water pollution in the U.S. harbor and water ways

Ethylene glycol, the major component of antifreeze is poisonous in concentrated form to people, fish, birds and pets. In addition to ethylene glycol, used antifreeze contains heavy metal contaminants it picks up from the engine during use.

  • If you have a vehicle that is leaking antifreeze or oil, please put a drip tray under your car to catch the leaks.
  • Clean up driveway stains with kitty litter and a broom. Hosing off the driveway will wash the chemicals into the storm drain.

Soap suds from washing your car, rinse water from painting, pet waste, pesticides, plastics and yard waste can all cause environmental problems when disposed of in a storm drains.

  • Wash vehicles at a commercial car wash that treats it's waste water
  • Make sure contractors clean up responsibly and avoid washing paint brushes and other tools in the gutter.

The purchase of these curb markers was made possible by the receipt of a used oil recycling grant from the CalRecycle. The state hopes that the funding of these markers will assist in educating residents that the storm drain is no place for dumping chemicals such as used automotive oil. If you have household hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly, please drop it off at 855 ½ Davis Street every Saturday from 9 AM - 3 PM. Additionally, every Saturday this facility will take batteries, oil, latex paint, & antifreeze. For more information call: 469-6509


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