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Curbside Recycling Instructions

Place these materials inside your blue toter...
METAL - Tin and Aluminum Cans
You do not need to remove labels or crush cans. Please rinse containers.
  • Food and beverage cans (aluminum, steel, and tin)
  • Clean aluminum pans
  • Aluminum foil
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Loose lids from jars
NO: coat hangers, scrap metal, fuel tanks or propane tanks.

Remove lids and throw them away.
  • Glass Bottles (from juice, soda, wine and liquor -- clear, green and brown -- CRV and non-CRV)
  • Glass Jars (from spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, and other food items)
NO: Mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic, window panes, dishware, drinking glasses or mugs, and vases.

You do not need to remove the labels or the caps.  Please empty and rinse all containers prior to recycling.

recycle numberLook on the bottom of the bottle for the #1 - #7 recycling symbol.
  • All #1 - #7 Narrow-neck Plastic Bottles and Jugs (water, soda, juice, milk, bottled water or other household products)
  • All California Redemption Value (CRV)
  • All colors
  • Non-bottle plastic like toys and trays, plastic tubs from margarine, butter or yogurt
NO: plastic bags, garden hoses, styrofoam, PVC or other piping

Please place all materials in your blue toter.
  • Junk Mail, envelopes
  • Newspapers (includes inserts)
  • Office Paper
  • Post-It Notes
  • Magazines (includes glossy publications)
  • Chipboard (boxes from cereal, shoes, crackers or gifts)
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Paperboard Egg Cartons (not Styrofoam)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (cardboard with ridges typically used for heavy-duty boxes - please flatten cardboard
  • Shredded paper (please place in a paper bag)
  • Clean pizza boxes
  • Soft cover books and phone books
  • Cartons:  Rinsed milk and juice cartons
  • Paperback books
NO: Hardback books, carbon paper, photographs, facial or toilet tissues, plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, paper contaminated by food, and thermal fax paper.

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What can I recycle?

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